Full disclosure about Take a Tutorial affiliate links policy

Affiliate marketing is one of the primary sources of income for Take a Tutorial: in most of the content I publish you will find affiliate links that allows me to perceive a commission if you buy after clicking on them.

To be fully transparent I always put a disclaimer next to all the affiliate links here on the website and on social media too.

When possible, depending on the type of content, I also offer you the possibility to choose to click on the normal link rather than the affiliate one. So that if you prefer not to contribute to Take a Tutorial you are free to do it.

Info: if you click on affiliate links the price does not change for you, but you are supporting Take a Tutorial and letting me create more quality content for free.

I normally don't accept money directly from a company in order to make a tutorial about a product. If this will happen it will be disclosed at the beginning of the video.

I'm sure this complete disclosure and transparency will build a strong relationship of trust with you, so that you know that the content I produce is mainly created because I am passionate about it and because I want to provide you the best WordPress solutions out there.