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How To Create A Website With WordPress Beginners Tutorial 2023

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a professional website with WordPress.

Tools used in the tutorial:

  1. SiteGround WordPress hosting
  2. Blocksy theme (free version)
  3. Free Blocksy “Renovation” Starter Site
  4. Stackable blocks plugin (free version)
  5. WPForms (free version)


00:00 Let’s create a WordPress website (almost) for free!
00:16 Examples of the website we will create together
00:53 Write in comments and use the timestamps
01:07 Subscribe to the free Community
01:36 Logo intro Take a Tutorial
01:41 Hosting and domain intro
02:02 Choose the right hosting provider
02:09 Why I use and recommend SiteGround
02:29 SiteGround = performance and security
02:39 SiteGround = easy to use
03:06 SiteGround = awesome support team
03:26 Let’s choose your SiteGround hosting plan
08:21 Let’s buy together your SiteGround plan
08:38 Choose a good domain name
15:27 First login in to SiteGround platform
15:58 Proceed to the domain verification
18:08 How to ask help to SiteGround support team
20:22 Set up your first website on SiteGround
21:33 Install WordPress on your empty website with SiteGround’s Site Tools
23:13 Activate and force SSL in Site Tools! VERY IMPORTANT!
24:07 Enable all caching features (memcached)
24:47 How to create your custom email address (e.g.
26:07 First login into your WordPress website
26:36 Welcome to the WordPress dashboard!
27:13 Important settings to set up
30:22 Privacy Policy suggestions from WordPress
31:31 Update your user information
33:25 Delete unused themes, plugins, pages and posts
34:27 Frontend and Backend of the website (login/logout)
35:30 Install Blocksy theme and companion (free version)
36:25 Choose a free Blocksy starter site
40:00 Clean up your starter site installation
20:28 Delete the starter site images (optional)
41:14 Install the “clear cache” chrome extension
41:49 Choose your website colors
44:46 Choose your websites fonts
45:04 Learn how to upload Google Fonts locally (free plugin)
47:55 Customize the first section of the home page (Stackable free plugin)
53:03 Other home page customizations (Stackable free plugin)
58:24 Insert a popup video
58:48 Set up a donation form! :)
59:36 Write a comment if you have any question
01:02:28 Customizing the rest of the home page (Stackable free plugin)
01:19:42 First part recap
01:20:04 Customize the image slider
01:27:57 Customize the website navigation bar (logo, menu, etc.)
01:46:32 Customize the website footer
01:55:20 Header responsive editing for tablet and phone
02:08:08 Footer responsive editing for tablet and phone
02:15:46 How to manage navigation menus
02:20:51 How to manage pages (create, delete, add to menu, etc.)
02:23:03 Create a new page from scratch using Stackable free plugin
02:39:49 How to use Stackable Wireframes
02:41:56 How to add a background video to a section
02:45:21 How to create a custom Contact Form with WPForms free plugin
03:04:55 Quick customization of all the other pages: services, about, contact
03:22:00 How to create a custom blog for your WordPress website
03:23:28 Add your first blog post and customize it
03:23:53 I recommend you to use only the native WordPress blocks (black and white icons)
03:31:32 Customize the blog archive page
03:36:03 Final considerations, congratulations for creating your website!
03:36:15 Join our free WordPress Community at Take a Tutorial!
03:36:28 Help me get this tutorial in front of more people :)
03:36:42 Share your feedback

Pascal Claro
Pascal Claro

WordPress enthusiast, affiliate marketer, YouTuber and nature lover! Happy husband and father. I live in Paris and I love connecting with my WordPress community. Feel free to follow me on YouTube to keep in touch!

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